Chow, Charles

Management efficacy : wisdom from the Indian bhagavad gita and Chinese art of war / Charles Chow. --Singapore : McGraw-Hill Education, ©2014.

xxii, 175 pages : illustrations (graphs) ; 24 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Introduction: Components of Efficacy, Measuring Efficacy, Pareto Principle in Efficacy, Framework for Analysis, The 'Right' People, Key Components of the Books.
Part 1: Ancient Wisdom on Conflict Management. Sun Zi's The Art of War, The Real Enemy, Inner Firmness of Purpose, Spies for Speed and Surprise, Zheng He's Art of Collaboration, The Four Cs of Collaboration, Soft Power. Genghis Khan's Art of Winning, Strong Belief in Divine Duty, Retaining Best Talent. The Arthashastra, Mandala Principle: The Enemy's Enemy Is a Friend, Diplomacy to Ensure One's Success. The Bhagavad Gita, Galvanising Individual Thought and Action, Another Perspective of the Gita, Social Order: The Varnas, Nishkama Karma, The Kitten Analogy, Mindfulness, The Composition of an Action. Daoist Wu Wei, Doing Nothing or Non-interference, Homoestatis, Comparison of Nishkama Karma and Wu Wei. Summary. Step-by-Step, Causes of Conflict, Discernment in Management. Part 2: The BHAGAVAD GITA APPLIED TO BUSINESS. Management Cybernatics. The Chariot and the Warrior. The Gunas. The Right Man for the Right Job. The Gita - Chapter Summaries, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga. Transcendental Leadership. Resilience. Summary. Step-by-Step, Symbols, Systems. Part 3: TENETS FOR THRIVING IN TURBULENT TIMES. TRIZ VAlue Innovation. Chow's Implementation Grid. Tacit Knowledge. Not Available Until Enabled. Beyond SWOT Analysis. Beyond the Blue Ocean: Resilience Tenets . A Dart Board for Individuals Awareness. The Efficacy Mandala. Efficacy in Action. Evaluation of the Findings. Corporate Social Responsibility. Summary. Step-by-Step, Thriving in Turbulent Times, Active Efficacy.

9781259071089 (hardback : acidfree paper)

Strategic planning.
Success in business.
Sunzi--Miscellanea.--active 6th century B.C.--Sunzi bing fa

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