Novel food preservation and microbial assessment techniques / edited by Ioannis S. Boziaris. --Boca Raton : Taylor & Francis, 2014. ©2014.

460 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

High pressure microbial inactivation: modelling and its features / Shigenobu Koseki and Kazutaka Yamamoto. Implementation of microbially safe foods with pulsed electric fields / Mansel W. Griffiths and Markus Walking-Ribeiro. Applications and modeling aspects of UV and pulsed UV-light for food decontamination / Nene M. Keklik and Ali Demirci. Ultrasound processing for food safety and preservations / Daniela A. Abela, David Millan Sango, Anna McElhatton and Vasilis P. Valdramidis. Ozone : a novel microbial inactivation process / S. Patil, P.J. Cullen and P. Bourke. Nonthermal plasma technology for decontamination of foods / N.N. Misra, Lu Han, B.K. Tiwari, Paula Bourke and P.J. Cullen. Novel approach to control pathogenic and harmful microorganisms in nonthermal way : Photosentisization / Zivile Luksiene. Encapsulation and delivery of antimicrobial compounds / Atul Kumar Singh, Preetam Sarkar, Srinivas Janaswamy, Yuan Yao and Arun Kumar Bhunia. Application of edible films and coatings on food / Anastasia E. Kapetanakou, Stavros G. manios and Panagiotis N. Skandamis. Old targets, new weapons : food microbial communities revealed with molecular tools / Aspasia Nisiotou, et al. The use of qPCR- based methods to identify and quantify food spoilage microorganisms / Daniel M. Linares, et al. Advances in the detection of food-bourne pathogens using molecular methods / Luca Cocolin and Kalliopi Rantsiou. MALDI-TOF mass spectometry, a rapid and reliable method for the identification of bacterial... / M. Quintela- Baluja, et al. Monitoring microbial spoilage of foods by vibrational scpectroscopy (FT-IR & Raman) / Anthoula A. Argyri, et al. The potential of hyperspectral imaging for monitoring microbial activity in foods / Aoife A. Gowen, Edurne Gaston and Vasilis Valdramidis.

"Demand for minimally processed foods has resulted in the development of innovative, non-thermal food preservation methods, such as high-pressure sonication, ozone, and UV treatment. This book presents a summary of these novel food processing techniques. It also covers new methods used to monitor microbial activity, including spectroscopic methods (FT-IR and Raman), molecular and electronic noses, and DNA-based methods"-- "Preface The introduction of microbial ecology and 'hurdle theory' concepts in food microbiology during late 1980's contributed greatly to its evolution, while the improvement of microbiological methods offered useful tools for monitoring microbiological quality and safety of foods. Subsequently, the demand for minimal processing promoted the development of innovative non-thermal techniques and application of mild preservation strategies for microbial control in foods. Additionally, the application of molecular genetic methods, offered a powerful tool for better exploration and understanding of food microbial diversity. The aim of this book is a thorough presentation of the recent and novel advances in food microbiology. The book is divided in two parts. The fi rst part discusses the microbiology of novel food preservation methods. Some of those methods have already numerous applications, such as high pressure processing, while others appear to be very promising for future applications. The second part is dedicated on the newly developed applications of molecular genetics and instrumental analysis for detection and monitoring of microorganisms and their activity in food systems. Non-thermal processing has a lot of advantages compared to tradition heat processing. Chapter 1 discusses the high pressure processing (HHP), a non-thermal preservation technique for producing high quality food with minimal changes in colour, fl avour and texture, when compared with conventional thermal processing. Additionally, the predictive modeling of HHP induced microbial inactivation and the phenomena of injured-recovery of microbial cells after HHP-treatment are also included"--

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Microbial ecology.

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